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Changed lives

Dawud, Entebbe

Dawud is a carpenter in Entebbe. Three years ago he joined an ALEF group. It went slowly at first. When his educated co-worker asked what he had learnt, he pronounced a letter. The next day he learnt another letter. Not much to brag about. But after some time, his colleague began buying newspapers for him to practice reading. Dawud, for his part, insisted that they start posting revenue and expenses in a cash book. Their business started to improve. They were able to employ more people and increased their working capital .

Now we have nine employees and a whole hill full of ready-made sofas and beds for sale.

Astrid, Irambira Sud

Astrid M'Rushangiza joined an ALEF group in South Kivu in Congo Kinshasa in 2014, and bought himself a goat. After four years it had given birth to six kittens. Because her husband was an alcoholic, she said that the goat belonged to someone else, so he would not sell it to buy liquor. Only a few years later did he learn that the goats were her own. He was so impressed that he also joined an ALEF group. Now he has also bought two goats, and their breeding is starting to take off seriously. Their son has left school and now they plan to have him study at the university with the money they earn from their breeding.

When my husband also joined the ALEF group and bought goats, our breeding really took off.

Nazziwa, Entebbe

ALEF's work shows that with small means it is possible to make a difference in people's lives, create hope and change. Nazziwa participated in an ALEF group in Entebbe, Uganda. This gave her courage and energy to start a small fish stall. Because she has learned to read, write and use numbers, she can manage the business with her mobile phone. There are hundreds more like her, who thanks to an ALEF course changed their lives.

Now I can afford to send my children to school.

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