Greeting Cards

Send a greeting card which changes the world.

We can print greeting cards in other languages on demand. If you order cards to a country outside of Sweden, the minimum order is for 10 cards. Please allow two weeks for printing and delivery. Use the contact form to send your order.
Greeting cards


Order ALEF's greeting cards @SEK 200 with the text: "Congratulations! Here is your present: a basic course in reading and writing. The course is given in a small village in Congo-Kinshasa. All teaching takes place in the local language. You yourself pay for travel, accommodation, food, visas, vaccinations, etc. If you do not wish to participate in the course, your place goes to an illiterate person living in the village. The sender of this card has sent a gift to ALEF for the course."


You can order a special text in the greeting card in addition to the text above. For example. "Congratulations  to John on your 70th birthday  from Mary and Bill" or "Mark, big thanks for the help from Charlotta and Eric".

Special occasions

If you would like to donate to ALEF in connection with an exam, a baptism or a funeral or any other special occasion, you can start a fund raiser on any crowd funding platform of your choice, or you can use facebook. If you want to know more, use the contact form. 

For the greeting cards, you can choose from the following flower on the cover: lilac, camellia, almond blossom or orchid. Order at least two weeks before you need the cards.


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