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Monthly giving

Do you want to support ALEF as a monthly donor?

For us, it is invaluable to know that money comes in every month. For people with a Swedish bank account, automatic bank transfers, "autogiro" is an easy way to avoid having to remember to send gifts.


If you have a Swedish bank account and a bank ID, you can fill out the form directly in the browser.

You can also download a pdf form, print and complete it, sign and post to ALEF, Sorterargatan 12, S-162 50 Vällingby, Sweden.

Then, the amount you enter from your account is deducted on the 30th of each month. The money goes to ALEF's 90 account, for further promotion to our projects. It can hardly be easier!


International supports without a Swedish account, click here to make a monthly donation by credit/debit card.


When you want to end the donation, you can contact your bank or ALEF to stop the payments. The minimum amount you can give is SEK 30, and the maximum is SEK 2000.

What the money is enough for


  • SEK 50 a month is enough to pay for a place in a study group.

  • SEK 100 a month gives 2 people the chance to participate in a study group.

  • SEK 350 a month is enough for two group leaders for a whole course.

  • SEK 500 a month is enough for 10 places in a study group.

  • SEK 600 a month is enough for textbooks and note material for 200 participants.

  • SEK 1000 a month covers all costs for an entire study group with 20-25 participants.

Tax refund


All who give at least SEK 200 a month by automatic bank transfers from a Swedish bank account can receive a tax reduction on their gifts. You receive back 25% of the gift amount from the Swedish Tax Agency for gifts up to SEK 12,000 if each gift is at least SEK 200. This applies to all organizations with deduction rights. ALEF sends a check to the Tax Agency for the gifts we received, and you approve the amount in your tax return. So you do not need to submit any information yourself.


Do you have any questions about how to make a contribution? Or do you need our Swift and BIC codes? Do not hesitate to contact us.



Phone: +46(0)72-3415615

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