About us

Being able to read, write and use basic numeracy is a prerequisite for being able to take control of one's economy and business.

ALEF has created a unique method for adult education. Learners aqcuire literacy and numeracy in participative study groups, and use the skills as tools to take control of their lives.

ALEF has a board of nine people. Our founder and executive chair Hélène Boëthius works from our office in Vällingby in Stockholm with some volunteers when not travelling to the projects.

ALEF has collaborations in five countries: Congo Kinshasa, Togo, Benin, Ethiopia and Uganda. Our strategy is to build capacity in local organizations.

ALEF's Swedish newsletter with updates from the projects is mailed out once a month. At present we do not send out an English e-mail. If you would like us to send one, let us know.

Many people appreciate ALEF's method and our projects. Here are some quotes from a few of them. 

Several foundations and businesses sponsor ALEF. We have some long-term partners and others who contribute for a specific purpose, like sponsoring a study group or a one off intervention.

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Give a second chance to some of earth's 750 million illiterates

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