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We need your support!

Swish a gift to 123 900 2171
Some more ways to contribute
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If you have a Swedish bank account, you can make automatic monthly transfers. If you need our banking detail, send us an e-mail. 

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We would love to cooperate with companies, creating a win-win situation where your company gets exposure while giving people a second chance to an education.

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You can choose to include ALEF in your will. ALEF has a partnership with Lavendla Juridik where you can get a free consultation with Lavendla's lawyers at reduced rates if you want to make a will.


If you would like to make a transfer from a non Swedish bank account, send us an e-mail at .



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You can visit our Facebook site and donate by clicking on the donate button. 

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Becoming a member of ALEF is a way to show that you are behind our idea. Many members increases our credibility which is a help when seeking funding for our projects.

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You can start a fundraiser for ALEF on Facebook for a birthday, graduation or in memory of somebody, inviting friends to contribute. 

ALEF has an authorized charity account. Our accounts and operations are cleared annually by the Swedish Fundraising Control. No more than 25% of our revenue may be used for administration, and 75% must be used for our main objective. Read our annual reports here.

Gift account

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