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ALEF currently has partnerships in seven countries: DRC (in South Kivu and Kongo Central) , Guinea, Iraq, Togo, Benin, Ethiopia and Uganda. Our strategy is to build capacity in local organizations already active in the countries, familiar with the culture and language, and understanding the life conditions of the people. Our contribution is to train the project staff on how to set up an adult education program, and to create course materials together, adapted to the needs of the people. Click on a country to read more!

Countries where

ALEF's partners work

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Our partners

2014-12-11 ADECK P1040572.JPG
South Kivu

ALEF works with the Congolese NGO ADECK, which works among the shi people of the South Kivu province in eastern Congo Kinshasa. 

2016-05 Uganda lv 3 P1070343_edited.jpg
Kampala and Entebbe

Our partner organizations CACI and WEGCDA work in the city of Entebbe with surroundings and on the outskirts of the capital Kampala. The language is luganda, which is the main language in Uganda.

2018-04 Kimpese - P1100929.JPG
Congo Central

In the province of Kongo Central in western Congo-Kinshasa, we cooperate with the CEC church among kikongo speaking people. 

The Oromia region

In Ethiopia ALEF collaborates with the Oromia Education Bureau, which provides adult education in the region and with two local NGOs. The language is afan oromo, Ethiopia's largest language.

2012-07 Ife IMG_2700.JPG
The Plateaux region

In the West African countries Togo and Benin, an adult education program in the Ife language is offered by our partner organization ACATBLI. 

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