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Annual reports

In the annual reports, you can read about the organization, and also see our financial report. ALEF's finances are audited every year by an authorized public accountant, as well as by the Swedish Fundraising Control, which ensures that we live up to the requirements for holding a 90 account.


Take part in ALEF's statutes. Choose to read them in Swedish, English or French.



In 2014, Prof Carol Benson and Dr Erina Iwasaki from the research and evaluation company MLE International conducted an evaluation of the ALEF method based on 450 participant stories from Uganda, Togo and D.R.Congo.

In 2017, two students from Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University each wrote a study of ALEF partner CACI's project in Uganda. They investigated how the women who participated in the project changed their lives and their way of thinking.


Privacy Policy

In the document, you can read about ALEF's privacy policy. We care about the privacy of our members and donors, and to handle personal information in accordance with applicable laws. If you have any questions, you can contact


Strategy & Method

In our strategy document, you can read about how ALEF works, and how our method for adult education works.

Strategi och metod


At the World Literacy Summit in Oxford in March 2018, ALEF presented its method under the title ALEF's Empowement Groups - the Transforming Power of Self Expression. Feel free to download the lecture in its entirety in the pdf file.

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