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Kongo Central, CEC


The people

The language kikongo is one of the four national languages ​​in the Congo-Kinshasa. the province of Kongo Central, which lies as a wedge between Congo-Brazzaville in the north and Angola in the south. Here, many people live in small villages in the most impotent but fertile country. They do not suffer from a shortage of food, but due to the poor infrastructure, they have difficulty selling their agricultural products and can afford to buy goods and pay for health care, school, etc. As in the other Congo-Kinshasa, people suffer under a regime that asks little for citizens top.


The partner organizations

Missionaries from the Swedish Missionary Union came to these regions as early as the mid-19th century. There is a long and unbroken tradition of contact with Sweden and Swedes. A parish within the CEC community in the small village of Mukimbungu has acquired some parishes in Sweden, four parishes within the Equmenia Church in Kisa, Rimforsa, Skeda and Södra Vi; the so-called Mukimbungu Group. The exchange has been lively over the years, with reciprocal visits and joint projects.


This group has been using ALEF since 2018 for the production of educational materials in the language of kikongo and for training a local project organization based in the village of Kasi.


The courses

During April-May 2018 and 2019, ALEF conducted two seminars in the central city of Kimpese where manuals and booklets for year 1 and 2 were created according to ALEF's method. The cows are constructed in the same way as in the other groups where ALEF has created teaching materials. In year 1, you learn to read and write the mother tongue by working with your own texts as conversations around important subjects. In year 2, you continue reading and writing and add the four methods.


The training program

In 2018 and 2019, twelve groups completed level 1, and six  year 2. In April-May 2020, ALEF would have conducted a third workshop to create the third and last level, so that the first six groups could continue their studies. But the corona epidemic put an end to this, and we are waiting until it is possible again to travel and conduct workshops in Congo-Kinshasa. Meanwhile, 6 groups each in levels 1 and 2 continue to study together.

In brief

Started: 2018

Partner organization: CEC

Swedish partner:


Language: Kikongo

Area: Kongo-Central

Number of groups 2020: 12

No of participants 2020: 200

Participants since start: 250

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