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The ALEF method in Ethiopia

In 2019, ALEF prepared learning materials in the Oromo language in collaboration with the State Education Authority of Ethiopia's Oromia Province, OEB.

The material was ready just before the pandemic.

When it was time to write the annual report for 2022, we contacted OEB to find out how the material had been put to use.

They informed us 2.8 million youth and adults have participated or are participating in ALEF-based courses across the province.

ALEF traveled to Ethiopia to visit the project in April. We met enthusiastic group leaders and hundreds of participants eager to learn to read and write. We could state that the participants definitely learn to read and write.

There are things that could be done even better. When we gave a brief report to the OEB at the end of the visit, we were invited to come back in August to provide further training to their staff. Something we picked up on immediately.

Read the press release (Swedish) here:

Pressmeddelande ALEF Etiopien 230516
Download PDF • 94KB


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