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Adult Learning and Empowerment Facilitators

Adult education in the mother tongue for
the world's 750 million illiterates

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ALEF, Adult Learning and Empowerment Facilitators, was founded in May 2010 as a Swedish non-profit organization. ALEF has developed a unique method of popular education for young people and adults who have not had the opportunity to attend school. In study groups that meet a couple of times a week, participants learn to read, write and do basic artithmatic, and to use the skills as tools to take control of their own lives and change their life situation.

Literacy and numeracy skills are a prerequisite for democracy

and for being able to fully use and develop one's

inner and outer resources.



Literacy Day 2020

On Literacy Day September 8, ALEF conducted a campaign on social media.


Babben Larsson and Dogge Doggelito made their own film clip completely free of charge for ALEF, which we posted on Facebook , Instagram , Linkedin and Twitter .

We received a gift from the Book Exchange that covered all costs for advertising. The campaign reached over 30,000 people. We have received about SEK 10,000 in gifts so far.

Food aid in Togo, Uganda and Congo-Kinshasa

During May and June, food packages were distributed to several hundred people in our three projects.

In Togo, the food distribution has now reached all 70 villages where the project is active.

In Uganda, the food has been distributed to families in Kampala and Entebbe,  including a number of widows.

In the Kabare district of South Kivu, Congo-Kinshasa, the food has also reached a number of villages. We have received a film from our partner organization ADECK, which you can see on ALEF's youtube channel. ALEF Sweden, https://youtu.be/ufWlyXVFdvw. It is in French, but you can see the actions and the happiness when the aid reaches the groups.

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Give another chance to some of Earth's 750 million illiterates
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ALEF, Adult Learning and Empowerment Facilitators

The first step out of poverty, oppression and exclusion.

Email : info@alef.org

Phone : +46723415615

Organization Number : 802452-4681

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swish: 123 900 2171

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